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Kidney Disease Treatment

For all patients with CKD, Kidney Care Institute’s processes are designed to reverse any functional decrease that may exist and/or maintain the kidney disease at that level for as long as possible if the functional decrease can’t be reversed.

We encourage our patients to embody our slogan, “Maintaining Kidney’s for Life”. At Kidney Care Institute, we believe paying attention to your kidney’s is vital to live so every precaution is taken to protect them.

For Renal Disease consultations, all new patients will undergo:

  1. An initial evaluation that includes a full history and physical examination as well as appropriate urine and blood testing.
  2. Once results are reviewed, a comprehensive plan is created based on an individual’s disease stage including predetermined appointment schedule for the year and appropriate medications. Patients are further educated on diet modifications (if needed) and an exercise regimen.
  3. Once the plan is created and discussed, we will work with the Primary Physician to ensure proper implementation.

Second Opinion Services

At Kidney Care Institute, we understand some patients are looking to verify a previous diagnosis or are simply restricted to certain providers within a healthcare system and desire a second look. With either, we are happy to help!

Special pricing is available for those with restricted access to a second opinion. Please call the office for pricing.

For you, it is important to bring all lab work including previous blood test, imaging studies, and urine test.